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iberianblackart's Journal

Iberian Black Arts
22 December
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Based in Essex/London UK, Morgana's background is firmly routed in image creation, coming from a photographic family and having formally trained in the subject in her native Spain.

Her chiaroscuro compositions are striking and often confrontational, frequently dealing with dark schematics and themes. It is this personal handwriting that has attracted numerous clients such as Salvation Films, Odeon Films, and Peaceville Records to her imagery.

Her work has appeared internationally on CDs, DVDs and in numerous magazines such as Terrorizer, Dark Realms, DVD World, Marquis, Elegy Iberica, Buckle, Bite Me, Alternative London, Skin Two Latextra, Rule Satannia etc, and is in constant demand across many forms of media.

Her skills are truly cross-platform; these roles being:

Iberian Black Arts
Iberian Black Arts Webdesign solutions
Iberian Black Arts photography
Threnody In Velvet

She is currently available for band photography, model photography (fetish, dark, horror, fashion, commercial), Reportage, CD and DVD artwork, Book covers, Catalogue design, Web design and much more. please inquire through email.